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Having the understanding of the many steps involved in the production of any kind of work worth doing is a necessity. In order to be on the same page as  the rest of your team, you have to put yourself in their shoes and know what it takes to do someone else's duty. Better understanding of everyone's roll in the production helps you find individuals with the same drive and mindset as you.

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apt groundplan_180218_094609_2.jpg
apt groundplan_180218_094609_4.jpg
A Few Good Men_220525_120100_1_edited.jpg
A Few Good Men_220525_120100_2_edited.jpg
A Few Good Men_220525_120100_3_edited.jpg
A Few Good Men_220525_120100_4_edited.jpg
A Few Good Men_220525_120100_5_edited.jpg
A Few Good Men_220525_120100_6_edited.jpg
A Few Good Men_220525_120100_7_edited.jpg
apt groundplan_180218_094609_5.jpg
apt groundplan_180218_094609_6.jpg
A Few Good Men_220525_120100_9_edited.jpg
A Few Good Men_220525_120100_10_edited.jpg
A Few Good Men_220525_120100_11_edited.jpg
A Few Good Men_220525_120100_12_edited.jpg
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A Few Good Men_220525_120100_8_edited.jpg

The more time and effort that goes into something that you want to see realized, the better position you have for success, trust in progress.

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apt groundplan_180218_094609_9.jpg
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